How to Manage Large Installations With SiteOwl

Learn how to deliver an excellent customer experience by mastering the five key areas of any large installation project

The 5 Key Areas to Installation Success


Everyone from stakeholders to field technicians needs to be on the same page.

The 5 Key Areas to Installation Success


Progress needs to align to a planned schedule and must be accurately reported.

The 5 Key Areas to Installation Success


Projects need to be well-managed to avoid costly mistakes and scope creep.

The 5 Key Areas to Installation Success


In order to ensure an outstanding customer experience, the work delivered must be held to a high standard.

The 5 Key Areas to Installation Success


Managing risk means implementing stronger, streamlined processes rather than relying on your team’s collective memory.

Installations are difficult to scale

For most integrators, problems occur when trying to handle a heavier workload effectively while staying on top of the different moving parts. As more team members get involved, processes break down, gaps become painfully apparent and integrators struggle to meet expectations.

Manual processes are inefficient
Manual processes are inefficient

As designs become large and complex, using huge spreadsheets and pen-and-paper processes to track information slows things down.

Project reporting is complicated
Project reporting is complicated

When project reports aren’t standardized, project managers struggle to understand what is happening in the field.

Disorganization happens fast
Disorganization happens fast

When drawings, equipment schedules, and written scope of work need to be manually compiled and repackaged, critical information can fall through the cracks.

Customers are left out of the loop
Customers are left out of the loop

Managers are focused on managing teams, technicians, resolving field issues, invoicing, and more. With so much going on, customer communication often takes a backseat.


Project Information

With SiteOwl, you can streamline your design and install processes on a single digital platform.

Our platform keeps all relevant project information in one place and is accessible to everyone involved in your project.

Technicians always know what needs to happen next. Project managers are always up to date, and customers always know what’s going on.

Centralize Project Information
Keep everyone on Track

Keep everyone

on Track

Scope creep and disorganization are huge problems during major installations.

SiteOwl makes it easy for customers and installation teams to have the same understanding of the scope of work.

Technicians always know what needs to happen next. Project managers are always up to date, and customers always know what’s going on.

Improve project efficiency and budget management with SiteOwl

77% of high-performing projects

Use project management software

Most major industries have software that helps them manage projects more efficiently, but the security industry didn’t, until now. SiteOwl helps you design, install, and manage your projects from inception to completion.

Less than 60% of projects

Are completed on time and within their original budget.

Most projects are victims of scope creep and budget overruns. SiteOwl helps you minimize these threats so that you can keep projects on track and boost your long-term profitability.


Yes! SiteOwl is a comprehensive platform that you can use to design, install, and even manage customer projects.

For integrators, the design and install modules go hand in hand while the management system can help integrators win more service contracts by effectively transitioning from “install” to “service” with just a few clicks.

SiteOwl can be accessed through laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

For project managers and customers sitting in an office, it’s as simple as logging in via the website.

Technicians and field managers can log in using the SiteOwl app to receive and update tasks, upload data, and track project progress. Designers can use both the tablet and desktop apps

No. You’ll need to import floor plans or existing blueprints into the SiteOwl platform.

This is as simple as uploading a PDF file or even a hand-drawn sketch of a floor plan.

Once the floor plans are uploaded, you can use SiteOwl’s drag-and-drop interface to design the system.

Traditionally, design and installation teams need long handoff meetings to cover the details of an installation project.

With SiteOwl, you can transition from design to installation with just a few clicks.

Most importantly, all design and scope of work instructions are carried over to your installation teams without any loss of information.

Yes! With SiteOwl, your technicians in the field can submit pictures to verify the quality of their installation.

These pictures are attached to the device information within SiteOwl.

These images help ensure the quality of installation and serve as a future reference to help customers after the installation is complete.

Security professionals use SiteOwl to build, manage and maintain complex security systems with ease