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Retailers spend millions each year on surveillance cameras, EAS systems, and access control units to reduce shrinkage, vandalism, and break-ins. SiteOwl helps you manage every aspect of your security network so that you can focus on customer experience and asset protection.

Learn how SiteOwl helps lower shrink and improve your customer experience without ever missing a beat.

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LOWER YOUR Risk & Liability

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Centralize Your Data

Manage the information behind every element of your access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems — all from a single location.

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Build Better Security Solutions

Address customer security needs by designing security solutions that are
visible, powerful, and easy to maintain.

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Improve System Awareness

Gather and distribute system status reports so that store personnel know when devices malfunction and need to be replaced.

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Maintain Coverage In Key Areas

Work with security professionals to create retail security systems that maximize coverage, reduce shrinkage, and lower store risk.

Retail Security Systems Made Easy

Retailers often use complicated surveillance systems to monitor shoplifting and employee theft. SiteOwl makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your electronic security infrastructure.

Visualize Your Data

From security cameras to access control doors, gain a full understanding of the parts that make up your system and how they work together so that your retail environment is secure during daily operations from the entryway to the cash register.

Collaborate With Integrators

Partner with security integrators and consultants early to design your floor plans and estimate costs. Get a front-row seat as technicians install components and bring your design to life.

Oversee Multiple Locations

Manage multiple floor plans from your account, from parking lots and cash wraps to stockrooms and receiving. You can also simultaneously manage multiple store locations.

Real-Time System Adjustments

As your retail environment evolves, your security devices need to evolve with it. SiteOwl makes it easy for business owners to plan and execute those adjustments during a store or merchandising changeover.

Quick Ticketing & Service

Instantly generate system tickets and notify key personnel. Send automated emails to integrator partners with all the information required for a speedy repair.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Know what needs to be fixed when equipment fails, when your warranties are about to expire, and who to contact when something goes wrong.

Multiple Buildings & Coverage Areas

Add floor plans for every building on campus (including parking lots) so that you can manage your entire security network in one place.

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Manage & Locate Assets with Ease

Whether you’re dealing with ORC or internal theft, SiteOwl helps you maximize system update for a speed and decisive response.

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