Who Are We?

SiteOwl is a technology company changing the way security integrators and system owners build and maintain effective security solutions.
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Our Mission

We use technology to enable security system owners and integrators to perform their work at a level never before seen within our industry.

We streamline and automate the design, install, and management processes.

Incubated in-house at 3Sixty Integrated, a leader in modern security integration, SiteOwl was originally built as a solution to improve communication and performance of security support teams.

Today, SiteOwl solves numerous pain points  by providing cloud-based management, intuitive visual design, and updated project workflows to an industry long overdue for an overhaul.

What Our Clients Say

My customer design approval process used to take two weeks to complete. Now, with SiteOwl, it's often done in less than an hour.

Chris Harper Program Manager, BlackBox

It's been a fantastic program for us, being able to centralize everything and have it in one spot, not have to dig through papers and spend hours of time … it’s saved us money … I would never want to be without it.

Shannon Gunn Systems Manager

...SiteOwl saved me from going to visit a project site every day...it's a life saver.

Alex Quinones Quality Control Manager, 3Sixty Integrated

Leadership Team

Joseph Ndesandjo


Joseph is the former CEO of 3Sixty Integrated, one of the fastest-growing security integration companies in the country. After 17 years on the forefront of industry battles around integration, Joseph built SiteOwl as an answer to the problems he and his team experienced on a daily basis.

When he’s not trying to change the workflow of a multi-billion dollar industry, Joseph enjoys mountain biking and playing tennis. He’s also a prolific reader and constantly pushes himself to learn something new.

Chris Hennigfeld


Chris is an award-winning technology consultant and product manager, coordinating all aspects of SiteOwl technology as CTO. Chris facilitates SiteOwl development as product owner and coordinator for the development team, ensuring a steady stream of new features and software improvements for SiteOwl users.

Based in Singapore, Chris enjoys traveling in China and Southeast Asia as well as hanging out with friends for games.

Scott Ryder


Scott is passionate about building amazing software that has a meaningful impact and delights users. Over the last 25 years he’s built great products and companies, resulting in multiple acquisitions and IPOs. As SiteOwl’s COO, he oversees the Product Management, Engineering and Customer Success teams.

Outside of work, Scott spends his time working on his house, cooking and traveling. As a Louisiana native, he loves spending time in New Orleans and eating Cajun cuisine.

Daniel Matthewson


Daniel studied computer science and economics at Trinity University and serves as SiteOwl’s UX/UI lead. At SiteOwl, Daniel takes extensive interviews with users and transforms their requirements into designs. Daniel loves UX/UI for its creative applications of his technical degrees.

When not working on creating awesome user experiences for SiteOwl customers, Daniel can be found road tripping with friends across Texas. Originally from Seattle, Daniel also loves to hike and swim.

Supraja Subburaj

Marketing, Strategy and Operations

Su studied microbiology and then decided her skills were put to better use working with humans instead by becoming a strategy and operations specialist. She joined SiteOwl in 2016 to help Joseph actualize his vision for SiteOwl. She loves building systems and processes from the ground up and manages all aspects of SiteOwl operations.

When not working, Su likes to read, lift weights, play strategy games and listen to ’80s and ’90s rock.

Our Values are


At SiteOwl, we believe that our success is directly related to our values.

We find that an environment that inspires each of our team members to be SOLID is essential to continually innovating and providing unique value to our customers.

These are not words simply written on a wall and forgotten. They are words that we use systems and discipline to maintain. They help us avoid short term thinking and letting factors such as talent, ego or seniority drive poor decision making.

Our values are not goals to achieve as they can never be fully realized. Rather, they act as guiding principles that we aspire to reflect in our daily lives. We each continually strive to represent them well and reinforce them in each other.

SOLID keeps our culture strong and enables us to make an impact and enjoy the journey.

Serve Others

Focus on helping others.

Outstanding Attitude

Be positively contagious.

Learn and Grow

Actively learn and grow in order to fulfill your destiny.

Incredible Initiative

Act with passion and strive to make a difference.

Dream Big

Dream vividly as impossible becomes inevitable.

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