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Hospitals, long-term care clinics, and other medical (healthcare) facilities use HIPAA-compliant surveillance to lower security risks by preventing vandalism and unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

The systems are often large, and device failures can significantly increase security risks. That’s why it’s so important for healthcare providers to conduct regular check-ins with their security systems to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

SiteOwl helps healthcare organizations streamline this process so that all systems are active and ready in the event of a local crisis or emergency situation.

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Safeguard Healthcare Operations

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Centralize Your Data

Manage the information behind every element of your video surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control systems into a single platform.

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Maintain Compliance

Improve the effectiveness of your campus’ security by ensuring that all systems are well maintained and prepare to manage emergencies.

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Collaborate with Professionals

Partner with security teams and integrators to design security solutions that fit your unique needs.

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Streamline your Service Management

Improve system functionality and uptime by automating the ticketing
process you use when devices fail.

Better Security Management for Healthcare Facilities

For healthcare organizations, security systems can be a matter of life safety. SiteOwl makes it easier than ever to manage and maintain large, high-value systems that keep patients and staff members safe.

Visualize Your Data

From security cameras to access control doors, gain a full understanding of the different devices that make up your system and how they work together to keep patients and staff secure.

Collaborate With Integrators

Partner with security integrators and consultants early to design your floor plans and estimate costs. Get a front-row seat as technicians install components and bring your design to life.

Monitor Multiple Floors

Review real-time security information for any floor of your facility from a single location. You can even gather data from multiple buildings and locations.

Information On the Fly

Give physical security teams easy access to important system information whenever they need it and wherever they are.

Quick Ticketing & Service

Generate service tickets with a single click and notify key personnel. Automate alerts and notifications to integrator partners with all the information required for a speedy repair.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Know the full history behind your equipment. Consolidate warranty information
and review maintenance logs and support for each device on your system to
understand what repairs have been made.

Multiple Buildings & Coverage Areas

Add floor plans for every building on campus (including parking lots) so that
you can manage your entire security network in one place.

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Lower Liability. Lower Costs.

Better system management helps you stay on top of evolving situations. Give teams the tools they need to stay in control.

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