Improve Lifecycle Management

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Collaborative Digital Designs

Create and share rich digital designs with customers, subcontractors, engineers and technicians

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Maximize Projects Profitability

Eliminate inefficiency and scope creep by maintaining alignment between customers and project teams

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Efficiently Manage Teams

Track daily productivity, installation quality and real-time project status

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Standardize Field Reporting

Connect the field to the office with purpose-built mobile apps for technicians and subcontractors

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Win More Service Contracts

Help your customers confidently manage their security systems with full visibility of their entire infrastructure

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Turbocharge Your Business

Differentiate your company by giving your customers a proven process that delivers a great customer experience

Product Features for Integrators

Product Features for Integrators

How can SiteOwl help your Business?

The Solution


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Record site survey information manually, missing key details

Customer quotes are delayed or missing important information

Sales reps are unable to answer customer questions on ongoing work
The Solution

Digitally capture and share site survey and design information

Sales reps have complete visiblity of ongoing work

Collaborate with sales, engineering and customers for quick quoting



Different sales reps capture design information differently

Design packages are manually produced and different each time

Hand-offs from engineering to project teams is inefficient
The Solution

All sales reps gather and pass on information the same way

Design packages leverage templates, take-offs are automated

Hand-offs from are streamlined, with no loss of information

Project Managers


Start projects with incomplete or inadequate information

Low visibility of subcontractor work complete

Unable to accurately track amount of field work complete

Large projects are difficult to manage

Difficult to monitor installation quality without site visits

Updates to customers are inaccurate or incomplete
The Solution

All project information is readily available from the start

Subcontractor work is easy to track and report

Field work is accurately tracked in real-time

Multi-site and large projects are effectively managed

Virtually monitor installation quality with confidence

Report accurate progress to customers anytime

Installation Technicians


Receive paper-based and verbal installation instructions

Technicians spend valuable time assessing what work is pending

Job reporting is time consuming and manual
The Solution

Installation instructions are digital, clear and accessible anywhere

Technicians know exactly what is complete and what is pending

Job reporting is digitally submited and quickly completed

Service Managers


Difficult to sell and support service contracts

System information is not managed centrally

Hard to keep service coordinators, technicians and end-users on the same page
The Solution

Purpose-built platform makes service contracts easier to win and support

Device-level and location information is stored and managed in one place

Easy to keep customers and support teams on the same page

Service Technicians


Difficult to locate faulty device(s) in large environments

Multiple truck rolls to resolve issues due to incomplete information

Unable to tell what prior work and repairs have been completed on site
The Solution

Know the exact location of every failed device

All necessary information is available before leaving the office

Easy to log and retrieve device-level service history

A New Security System Management Toolkit

Bridge the gap between the office and the field by bringing all aspects of design, installation and service under one roof. Get started with SiteOwl today.

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