Lifecycle Management for Manufacturing

Connect your teams with actionable physical security system data to build safer and more productive environments.

Transform the way you manage physical security systems

SiteOwl enables security teams to improve planning, accountability and oversight of their physical security infrastructure. By digitizing security management practices unique to the manufacturing industry, SiteOwl bring internal teams, vendors and assets together on unifed platform.

Improve security team effectiveness

Protect Employees, Facilities and Assets

Centralize Your System Information

Manage information for critical aspects of your access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems from a single location.

Standardize deployment and maintenance

Address site security needs by designing security solutions that are scalable and easy to maintain.

Improve Planning & Control

Strategically plan your security system roadmap using actionable intelligence and drag-and-drop design tools.

Build safe work environments that meet standards

Ensure safety and security of warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other locations, while ensuring compliance.

Gain Confidence, Gain Control

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As a security leader in the manufacturing industry, you understand that physical security is the first line of defense against any physical or cyber threat. With over 85% of cyber security breaches involving a human element, having a comprehensive security system in place is more critical than ever.

This guide is designed for those who oversee or are involved in physical security for manufacturing facilities. It provides a detailed overview of the current state of the industry, along with essential factors to consider when implementing a security system.

We’ll cover core topics such as —

Download your free copy of the ebook today and take the first step towards a more secure future.

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