Maximize The Return on Your Security Investment

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Improve Performance Visibility

Track and manage all physical security system devices across multiple locations from a single interface

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Reduce System Downtime

Effectively collaborate with internal and external teams to manage repairs, replacement and maintenance

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Mitigate Risks And Security Gaps

Use SiteOwl’s visual interface to rapidly perform system-wide audits to identify and fix security gaps

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Effective Budgeting and Planning

Use rich system data to intelligently plan changes, upgrades and budgets

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Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership

Identify opportunities for standardization and optimization of your security inventory and infrastructure

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Ensure Quality Control

Drive team and integrator accountability across all service and installation work performed

Product Features for Security Directors

Product Features for Integrators

How can SiteOwl help your business ?


The Solution


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Fear of security failures

Insufficient data for effective budgeting & planning

Unsure of quality of system management practices
The Solution

Confidence in system performance

Consolidated information and reporting across entire system in one spot

Purpose built applications for both internal teams and security vendors



Poor visibility across security infrastructure

Lack sytem to manage service and installation quality

Inadequate information for internal reporting
The Solution

Dashboard views and automated notifcations of key information

Full lifecycle management with simple user workflows

Centralized system of record with built in reporting



Difficult to locate faulty device(s) in large environments

Delayed issue resolution due to disorganized information

Unable to tell what prior work and repairs have been completed on site
The Solution

Know the exact location of every failed device

All necessary device information is readily accessible

Easy to log and retrieve device-level service history

Maximize Uptime & Lower Risk

Equip your team with the tools they need to isolate problems, generate tickets, and keep your system running with minimal downtime.

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