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I’m a Security System Owner

System owners and their security teams are responsible for managing and expanding security infrastructure within their facilities.

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I’m a Security System Integrator

System integrators design, install, and manage security systems that help customers keep their facilities safe and secure.

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With Every Customer


Every system integrator knows that delivering an incredible, customer-focused integration experience is critical to their success.  SiteOwl gives you the tools you need to scale your integration operation and pursue growth opportunities by ensuring that your customer feels like a meaningful contributor throughout the integration process.
Fast, Accurate Designs

A great security design is the foundation of any successful project, but many integrators still use analog processes to get the job done.  SiteOwl allows your design team to generate accurate digital designs in a way that is both efficient and scalable.

Better Team Efficiency

Keep overhead low with design and installation tools that help your team operate more efficiently.  Because SiteOwl unifies every aspect of your delivery, design data flows seamlessly to technicians in the field.

Enhanced Project Visibility

It’s hard to manage installation schedules when your project managers don’t have the information they need.  SiteOwl solves this issue by providing data-based metrics and reports along with real-time project updates to supervisors and managers through the entire installation.

Incredible Customer Experience

Keep your customers in the know and your project managers off the phone.  By providing customers with automated status reports and a SiteOwl login, they’ll be able to monitor their projects and feel like part of the process.

Security Management Made Easy

Design From Anywhere

Enable your team to design in the office or in the field with SiteOwl’s mobile apps and cloud-based design platform.

Devices can be dropped onto your floor plan from any desktop or tablet.
Always-Accurate Part Counts

Never order the incorrect parts again.  SiteOwl keeps your bill of materials up to date automatically as your design changes.

SiteOwl tallies part totals automatically and displays them on the parts list.
Eliminate Scope Creep

Quickly align customer expectations with your scope of work by generating a PDF which accurately details parts and device installation locations.

Show customers with pinpoint accuracy where devices will be installed.
Fast Internal Project Handoffs

Eliminate tedious handover meetings by passing all design information over to your installation team with the press of a button.

SiteOwl’s automatically-generated progress reports can provide valuable insight into every customer project.
Eliminate Daily Job Reports

With SiteOwl, technicians mark device installations complete as they work, eliminating the need to create time-consuming field reports by hand.

Technicians add pictures for validation and quality control.
Use notes and annotation tools to clarify and resolve complex installation issues.
Real-Time Installation™ Tracking

Allow your team to accurately adjust their workflow by providing them with real-time status updates on the installation.

Quickly and easily monitor project completion status with progress bars.
Built-In Quality Control

Technician notes, pictures, and signoffs ensure that their work is auditable and that the install quality aligns with your expectations.

Images from field technicians prove that devices are installed and working correctly.
Comprehensive Reporting Suite

Keep a close eye on team performance metrics and project installation progress with SiteOwl’s data-driven reporting and auditing tools.

SiteOwl’s automatically-generated progress reports can provide valuable insight into every customer project.
System Clarity for Customers

Give your customers unprecedented visibility into project progress by streamlining essential information through the SiteOwl dashboard.

Customers can view and manage service tickets at a glance via the dashboard.
Customers can access and monitor installation projects from a central location.
Color-coded device icons help customers easily spot malfunctioning equipment.
Assign tickets to key technicians and resolve outstanding client issues quickly.
Customers can create and resolve service tickets on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

In Your Business


For system owners and their teams, managing a complex network of security infrastructure can be a hassle.  With so many essential components to monitor and maintain, it’s easy for something to fall through the cracks.  SiteOwl sets your team up for success by providing an efficient way to manage large networks with ease.
Unified System Management

Whether you monitor a single security system or a collection of systems across hundreds of buildings, SiteOwl gives you the tools to manage your entire system infrastructure from a single, unified interface.

Manage, Share & Collaborate

Leave pen and paper behind while working to service or expand your existing network.  SiteOwl gives you everything you need to keep project stakeholders, system integrators, and service technicians in the loop.

Unparalleled Access & Control

Use SiteOwl’s mobile apps to stay on top of every security device in your system and anyone who modifies it.  Use the dashboard to gather a high-level overview of your system status, and quickly address outstanding malfunctions and errors.

Build Better Systems

Leave out the design guesswork.  Use SiteOwl’s visual floor plan layout and drag-and-drop interface to add security devices, notes, and visuals to your design with precision.

Security Management Made Easy

Organized Floor Plans

Keep floor plans, mockups, and notes for every security project across your entire organization all in one spot.

Upload project information to SiteOwl and manage everything from a single interface.
Seamlessly Manage & Share Designs

SiteOwl makes it easy to loop in key project stakeholders and system integrators for enhanced collaboration opportunities.

Fine-tune your designs with input from decision-makers and industry experts.
Easy Collaboration Tools

Work with internal and external teams seamlessly by using SiteOwl’s design tools to build security designs together.

All project information is immediately accessible to other members of your team.
Clear Scope of Work

Make sure that your internal design team and any integrators on your payroll fully understand every aspect of your design.

Select any item on your floor plan and review or change its placement.
Real-Time Installation™ Tracking

Understand how every project in your installation pipeline is progressing by monitoring progress as it happens.

As technicians install devices on the floor plan, the progress bar reflects the exact project completion percentage.
Built-In Quality Control

Technician notes, pictures, and signoffs ensure that their work is auditable and that the install quality aligns with your expectations.

Images from field technicians prove that devices are installed and working correctly.
Enhanced Stakeholder Visibility

Reports and metrics help you keep stakeholders in the loop regarding project status, team efficiency, and installation accuracy.

Gain access to metric-based project reporting tools from within the SiteOwl dashboard.
Improve Team Accountability

Visibility and transparency throughout the installation process help you keep individual technicians accountable for their work.

Use SiteOwl’s auditing tools to learn who worked on a device.
Isolate Problems Quickly

Monitor malfunctioning devices, planned and ongoing projects, and overall system status directly from the SiteOwl dashboard.

Review service tickets and outstanding issues directly from the SiteOwl dashboard.
Access and monitor upcoming and ongoing installation projects from a single location.
Dated and time-stamped maintenance logs inform you when issues have been resolved.
Color-coded device icons make it easy to spot malfunctioning equipment.
Easily create, manage, and resolve service issues from within the SiteOwl platform.
Access any device or floor plan from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What Our Clients Say

My customer design approval process used to take two weeks to complete. Now, with SiteOwl, it's often done in less than an hour.

Chris Harper Program Manager, BlackBox

It's been a fantastic program for us, being able to centralize everything and have it in one spot, not have to dig through papers and spend hours of time … it’s saved us money … I would never want to be without it.

Shannon Gunn Systems Manager

...SiteOwl saved me from going to visit a project site every's a life saver.

Alex Quinones Quality Control Manager, 3Sixty Integrated