Improve School Safety with SiteOwl

SiteOwl helps every staff member on your team communicate with greater clarity when addressing issues with your school security solution.

Learn how SiteOwl improves team communication and provides instant clarity for your school security system.

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IMPROVE CAMPUS Security Effectiveness

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Centralize Your Systems

Manage all information for your security cameras, access control systems, active shooter solutions, and more from a single platform.

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Get a Bird’s eye view

Gain complete visibility of the electronic security infrastructure you have in place at a single campus or across an entire school district.

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Define User Roles

Provide internal and external teams the level of access and information they need to effectively manage your school’s security system.

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Streamline your Service Management

Improve system functionality and uptime by automating the ticketing process you use when devices fail.

Improve Safety for K-12 Schools

School security systems help educational facilities protect students and educators, reduce vandalism, and gather data quickly in an emergency.

Visualize Your Data

From security cameras to access control doors, gain a full understanding of how your system maintains containment and what systems are in place in the event of a lockdown, school shooting, or break-in.

Collaborate With Integrators

Partner with security integrators and consultants early to design your floor plans and estimate costs. Get a front-row seat as technicians install components and bring your design to life.

Multiple Buildings & Coverage Areas

Add floor plans for every building on campus (including parking lots) so that you can manage your entire security network from a single location.

Multiple Campus Locations

Operate at scale by adding floor plans and layouts for every building in your school district for easy oversight and review.

Quick Ticketing & Service

Instantly generate system tickets and notify key personnel. Send automated emails to integrator partners with all the information required for a speedy repair.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Know what needs to be fixed when equipment fails, when your warranties are about to expire, and who to contact when something goes wrong.

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Expand Spaces for Safe Learning

SiteOwl helps your team spot survillance gaps so that you can work quickly to keep learning environment secure.

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