Lifecycle Management for Physical Security System - SiteOwl Solution Overview


Are you using a compass in a digital world? Most enterprise security teams manage thousands of security devices across hundreds of buildings. Yet, information about these assets—such as installation dates, warranties, ages, and part numbers—is often managed using outdated tools like spreadsheets, CAD drawings, and paper-based floorplans. In today’s rapidly evolving security landscape, these methods are akin to using a compass in a digital world.

The Challenge

As security systems flex and grow, security teams constantly adapt, resulting in heightened risks and significant maintenance costs. Lack of clarity and visibility in large organizations can lead to inefficiencies and increased vulnerabilities.

Key Benefits:

Why Choose SiteOwl?

Standardized Designs: Build faster and better designs by standardizing the design process and facilitating real-time collaboration with other teams.

Project Management: Achieve on-time and on-budget projects with real-time installation progress from vendors in the field.

Accurate Quotes: Get faster vendor quotes by generating accurate project scopes and streamlining the bid process.

Service Resolution: Improve the speed of service resolution by relaying all necessary information on a digital floorplan.

Consolidated Information: Consolidate all security infrastructure information across all locations for effective planning and budgeting.

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