SiteOwl Features - Design your security system with ease

Imagine. Create. Share.

Quickly build accurate digital security designs for any office building or commercial property.

Mobile Design

Keep your team fast and flexible by using SiteOwl’s digital tools to create essential project designs on the fly.

Shared Project Workspace

Consolidate all design and project information in one shared location for added clarity and team visibility.

Image Annotation & Markup

Equip your designers with image markup and annotation tools so that they can provide better design clarity to the team.

Auto-Generate BOM

Access an always-accurate bill of materials that updates automatically as your team adds devices to SiteOwl’s digital floor plan.

Picture Perfect Scope

Use SiteOwl’s automated reports and enhanced project visibility to understand exactly how your project is progressing.

Drag & Drop Interface

Update security designs quickly and easily by dragging and dropping new equipment onto the existing floor plan.

Device Favorites

Assign all necessary parts and components required to install your most commonly used devices for improved design accuracy.

Automated Equipment Take-Offs

Create material take-offs that evolve and update automatically as your designers create and improve system designs.

Seamless Project Handover

Send all project details to your installation team immediately and without any loss of information.

Knowledge Center

Keep critical knowledge up to date by allowing technicians to use SiteOwl’s mobile apps and update projects on the fly.
SiteOwl Features - Design your security system with ease

Build. Manage. Report.

Get full visibility and peace of mind on every ongoing installation project — no paperwork required.

Mobile Install

Ensure that any information captured in the field is instantly accessible to your team in the office.

In-App Notifications

Eliminate the need for lengthy phone calls and emails between PMs, business owners, and field managers.

Resource Management

Assign technicians to specific project tasks, and audit workflows to ensure proper resource utilization on every project.

Improved Project Visibility

Give customers and stakeholders a front-row seat so that they can watch the project come to life in real time.

Quality Control

Ensure that work is delivered as promised by enabling technicians to upload quality control pictures from the installation site.

Real-Time Updates

Keep your team and your customers in the loop with real-time status updates for the duration of the install.

Instant Service Handover

Save time and energy by seamlessly transferring completed installs to security managers and support teams.

Automated Project Reports

Compile daily updates and progress reports with to-the-second updates designed to keep customers in the know.
SiteOwl Features - Design your security system with ease

Audit. Monitor. Maintain.

Know everything about any device on any business security system you control.

Mobile Management

Access all the information you need to manage your security infrastructure from your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device.

Issue Alerts

Keep customers informed on the status of their outstanding tickets using real-time updates and automated alerts.

Dashboard View

Get a high-level, top-down view of your entire site and quickly review specific areas of your security project.

System Level Search

Locate any security product within your network in seconds using serial numbers, MAC and IP addresses, and other variables.

Living Floor Plans

Access, audit, and review the entire history of your security infrastructure through a simple, visual interface.

Maintenance Log

Learn exactly when issues are resolved by reviewing accurate timestamps and dates on any maintenance log.

Quick Ticketing

Give technicians the information they need to successfully repair any device on the first trip.

Communication Streamlining

Assign technicians to specific tickets by sending an automatically generated email containing all necessary repair details.

IP Device Monitoring

Reduce information gaps within your network by receiving immediate notifications when infrastructure devices go offline.

Live Feed

Navigate and check your security camera live feeds directly from the dashboard for a first hand look at any location.