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SiteOwl Brings Digitized Field Reporting to Pen-and-Paper Security Industry

SAN ANTONIO, TX., July 19, 2018— SiteOwl, a tech startup changing the way security integration companies do business, has announced new mobile options for their online platform.  The update, launching next DAY, brings a new digital interface for smartphones and tablet and provides powerful, new capabilities to the SiteOwl platform which enables field installation teams to collaborate in real time.

The addition of mobile applications adds a new dimension of use to the SiteOwl platform.  Rather than requiring a wireless internet connection and uploading content through a web portal, the new SiteOwl installation app brings the platform to smartphones and tablets, allowing for fast mobile updates and collaboration in the field.

In addition to adding Real-Time Installation(™) tracking the update also leverages SiteOwl’s parts and progress tracking to provide in-depth reporting to project managers and security integration clients.  Through this update, SiteOwl seeks to recover the hours of manpower spent compiling reports and collating data.

Before SiteOwl, my days were spent trying to gather all of the information,” said Alex Quinonez, quality control manager at 3Sixty Integrated, a SiteOwl customer. “There was no place where you could go gather all the information. I had to call six or seven guys to gather information about one project and then still fall short.

The new update brings the power of digital information directly to the job site.  As a result, SiteOwl further optimizes security integration workflows by eliminating the need for any form of pen-and-paper note taking and centralizing information through its cloud-based service.

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About SiteOwl

SiteOwl is the world’s first security integration platform.  SiteOwl creates safer work environments backed by security operations that are well-run and cost-effective.  The integrated suite of mobile and cloud-based applications provide organizations and service providers unparalleled visibility, control, and efficiency across their infrastructure, projects, and teams.