SiteOwl Design, Install, Manage Application

SiteOwl Design, Install, Manage Application

Tech Startup Releases Cloud-Based Workflow App for Security System Owners and System Integrators.

January 16, 2018

Tech startup SiteOwl today released its web application designed to help system owners and system integrators around the world digitize their integration workflow. The software is the company’s answer to the traditional paper-and-pen markups that integration teams rely upon throughout the life cycle of a client system.

The SiteOwl platform helps security teams deliver project and support functions in a digitized format. By leveraging cloud-based solutions to store and update data, integrators using SiteOwl are able to create and transmit floorplans matching a client’s exact specifications directly to company project managers and field technicians.

“The problem that security integrators often face is that important project information gets siloed behind different groups of software that don’t talk to each other,” said SiteOwl CEO Joseph Ndesandjo. “That’s the problem that SiteOwl was designed to solve. So instead of having a different set of software for your design teams, your installers, and your customer, everyone can use the same set of tools from start to finish.”

SiteOwl is equipped with a host of functions designed to help project managers keep track of projects throughout the course of the installation. The color-coded interface provides information at a glance, and specialized progress reports can be generated in seconds.

The SiteOwl platform is also designed as a complete life cycle solution for modern security teams. Upon completion, all security network information is digitally handed off to customer security teams to manage and maintain. Instant updates and centralized reports allow remote managers to access component information and dispatch technicians with the exact information they need to rapidly resolve issues.

For more information about SiteOwl and the SiteOwl family of integration apps, visit or call +1-888-SITEOWL

About Siteowl

SiteOwl is the world’s first unified, digital platform for security integrators and system managers focused on providing an end-to-end solution that helps users design, install, and manage their security systems.

SiteOwl brings modern technology to the job site by equipping designers, field technicians, project managers, and integrator customers with a suite of mobile- and cloud-based applications to efficiently manage security system designs, installations, and service management operations.

Positioned as a drag-and-drop solution for security teams, SiteOwl makes it easy to construct and implement security projects on the fly while receiving real-time updates on customer approvals, installation progress, and more.

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