Who Uses SiteOwl?

How Engineers or Designers use SiteOwl as System Integrators

Engineers / Designers

SiteOwl helps engineers and designers consistently capture accurate information from site surveys, quickly design shop drawings, and easily deliver accurate project estimates.

Because SiteOwl tracks and creates an automatically-accurate bill of materials throughout the entire design process, designers can ensure that their part counts are always error-free.

How Project Managers use SiteOwl as System Integrators

Project Managers

With SiteOwl, PMs receive real-time installation progress on active projects from technicians and subcontractors in the field. This helps them stay on top of project schedules, costs, and installation status.

The platform also provides automated equipment take-offs and tracking for labor hours.

How Installation Technicians use SiteOwl as System Integrators

Installation Technicians

In the field, technicians use SiteOwl to receive detailed installation instructions, capture quality control pictures, and automate job progress reporting. This eliminates paper-based job reporting methods.

SiteOwl also helps technicians track time spent on each device during installation and report unexpected issues that arise during the installation process.

How Service Managers Use SiteOwl as System Integrators

Service Managers

Taking advantage of SiteOwl’s management tools, service managers can allocate tickets to technicians using a simple, visual interface.

Managers can also guide customers through the status of their repair and can provide accurate quotes regarding costs and estimated times to completion.

How Service Technicians use SiteOwl as System Integrators

Service Technicians

When a ticket is generated with SiteOwl, all of the information that a technician needs for a successful repair is capture before the technician departs for the job site.

SiteOwl also allows technicians to capture images, take notes, and add comments to any repair. This information is immediately available to both the service manager and the customer.