SiteOwl Security Systems Lifecycle

Webinar - What is SiteOwl - Live product demo

February 14, 2024. 10.30 am CT.

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Want to ditch paper & pen, CAD Drawings, spreadsheets and other disconnected tools to manage your designs, projects, audits, service and vendors?.

Join Kathryn Ritchie, Head of Customer Success, for a live demo of SiteOwl, the industry’s first and only full-lifecycle management platform purpose-built for physical security systems.

What the webinar will cover:

  1. A step-by-step showcase of SiteOwl’s web and mobile applications, demonstrating how it simplifies managing your security infrastructure from a single point.
  2. Effective ways to streamline your security operations for greater efficiency and control using SiteOwl.
  3. Efficient project and vendor oversight, with seamless internal and external collaboration using SiteOwl.

Watch On-demand Recording of the Webinar


Kathryn Ritchie

Head of Customer Success, SiteOwl

Kathryn Ritchie is SiteOwl’s Head of Customer Success. In her role, Kathryn works with some of the world’s largest organizations in driving adoption and integration of SiteOwl into their physical security teams.