College Campus Security With SiteOwl

Improve campus security, lower risk, and maintain an open campus through better security system management.

Centralize Your Data

Manage the information behind every element of your video surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control systems into a single platform.

Know Your Resources

Gain a better understanding of your security assets and area of coverage to improve your emergency response plan.

Maximize System Uptime

Maintain 24/7 security in your campus community by ensuring that all systems are up and running before an emergency call comes in.

Close Security Gaps

Isolate coverage gaps in parking lots, residence halls, and campus buildings, then use SiteOwl’s drag and drop tools to design a better security solution..

Improve College Campus Security & Student Well-Being

Many campus safety officers struggle to maintain security on an open campus. SiteOwl assists with crime prevention and personal safety by helping security teams capture and store all security system information in one place.

Video Surveillance Systems

Know where every camera in your video security network is located, what area of coverage it provides, and its current operating status.

Access Control & Communication Solutions

Understand how your system maintains containment and what alarm systems and blue light boxes are in place in the event of an emergency call or situation.

Multiple Buildings &
Coverage Areas

Add floor plans for every building on campus (including parking lots) so that you can manage your entire security network in one place.

Coordinate Your Teams

Whether local law enforcement is inside your security office or campus security needs to contact a police department during an incident, SiteOwl can help every team gain system visibility on a situation and determine how best to respond.

Estimate Costs & Budgets

Whether you’re adding a floor to a campus building or want to improve parking lot security, SiteOwl can help you design security layouts that maximize coverage and predict budgetary costs.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Know the full history behind your equipment. Stay on top of your warranty information and review maintenance logs for each device on your system to understand what repairs have been made.

Improve Student Life & Emergency Management With SiteOwl

Laws like the Clery Act and Title IX require colleges and universities to provide safe environments to college students, including protection from sexual assault, domestic violence, and more.

Unfortunately, creating a secure environment is difficult when students live on campus and 24/7 surveillance is required.

SiteOwl helps colleges improve public safety, coordinate more easily with law enforcement agencies, and ensure that security services are always in top shape.

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