Webinar - Building The Ultimate Security Playbook on Demand

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Think about this: Over 60% of companies have faced a physical security breach in the last five years. That’s more than half in just half a decade. Here’s the bright-side – A practical security playbook can be your blueprint to reducing risks and improving your security posture. 

What the webinar will cover:

  1. Creating the pillars of a strong security playbook
  2. Setting up the right framework, defining scope, and outlining effective processes
  3. Fostering collaboration across teams and stakeholders
  4. Driving adoption and continuous improvement
  5. Measuring the real-world impact of your playbook

Watch On-demand Recording of the Webinar


Wesley Martin

Asst. Manager, Services and Facilities, Honda Aircraft Company

Michael Marin

Global Security Manager, Dexcom

Joseph Ndesandjo

CEO, SiteOwl

Kathryn Ritchie

Head of Customer Success, SiteOwl