Why Managing Large Installations is Hard

Learn how SiteOwl can help you deliver a better customer experience by effectively managing large installations.

The 5 Key Areas to Installation Success

Tight Schedules

Large installations often run on a tight schedule. Unexpected problems can increase overhead and affect net profits for integrators

The 5 Key Areas to Installation Success
Resource Intensive

Major installation projects require skilled labor from multiple disciplines in order to succeed. Unfortunately, exceptional talent is hard to come by across the industry.

The 5 Key Areas to Installation Success
High Financial Commitment

Big projects often require performance bonds and threaten liquidated damages, increasing financial risk to integrators.


Project Costs

Did you know that most security integrators only operate on a three to five percent profit margin?

SiteOwl helps you keep your team focused and on-track throughout the installation process, reducing overhead and improving your profit margin.



Your Customers

Give your customers a front-row seat to your entire installation process by inviting them to the SiteOwl Project Dashboard.

By extending an invitation, customers will be able to view installation progress for themselves. This frees up your project managers to oversee a satisfactory installation while offering real-time updates to your project stakeholders.

Security professionals use SiteOwl to build, manage and maintain complex security systems with ease