SiteOwl Pilot

What is a Pilot?

  • Full SiteOwl Project including number of Users specified by Integrator at the standard rate
  • Sold at standard rates including Onboarding charges
  • Limited to 3 months
  • Typically customer wants to test SiteOwl with a select group internally and/or on a limited or single project.
  • No restrictions on SiteOwl Projects use – Same features as paying customer
  • NOTE: SiteOwl Live pilot is an exception and must be pre-agreed to with Customer Success before offering

Frequently Asked Questions

SiteOwl will provide link to online self-paced training and the knowledge base. Customer Success will take you through our standard customer Onboarding workflow in order to learn more about your business and assist you with the implementation of SiteOwl in your organization.

SiteOwl will email you login information the next business day after signing

Yes! SiteOwl will allow you to add users at pro-rated pricing during the pilot period and then start an annual contract with the full user count at the conclusion of the pilot.

Customer Data which is entered during the pilot can be retained as you move to a full subscription with SiteOwl. For more details, the Customer Success team can discuss this with you as part of the onboarding process.

Please refer to our full Terms of Service for additional information.