Managing Large Security Installations for Your School District in 2020

Learn how SiteOwl can help you get most out of your security investment.

Streamline your processes. Deliver a better customer experience.

Delivering and managing security systems seamlessly is a top challenge for every integrator.

This is especially true when internal teams use systems that don’t talk to one another. Sales and design teams use one software to create floor plans or rely on paper-based designs. Installation teams use another system to get work done — all while project managers are compiling spreadsheets and reports manually and reaching out to field techs for real-time status updates in order to keep customers happy.

These hassles lead to miscommunications, project delays, and work overages. This costs integrators time and money and causes customers to feel like they’ve been left out of the loop.

Now, there is a better way to design, install, and manage security systems.

In this eBook, we’ll show you how 3Sixty Integrated — a San Antonio-based security integration team — used SiteOwl to optimize their internal processes, improve their customer experience, win more business, and climb the ranks to become an SDM Top 50 integrator.

This eBook includes the following insights:

How 3Sixty’s design team used SiteOwl to break away from paper floor plans and designs.

What SiteOwl does to help 3Sixty’s CAD designer eliminate data replication and disorganization.

Why 3Sixty’s project managers and quality control managers rarely need to travel to job sites.

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