Healthcare Security Systems With SiteOwl

Improve patient safety and staff productivity through enhanced security system management.

Improve Facility

Centralize Your Data

Manage the information behind every element of your video surveillance, intrusion detection, and access control systems into a single platform.

Professional Collaboration

Partner with security teams and integrators to design security solutions that fit your unique needs.

Get Clarity on System Details

Understand all aspects of hospital security, from camera coverage areas to wiring configurations for access control units.

Automated Response Solutions

Improve system functionality and uptime by automating the ticketing process you use when devices fail.

Better Security Management for Healthcare Facilities

For healthcare organizations, security systems can be a matter of life safety. SiteOwl makes it easier than ever to manage and maintain complex, high-value systems that keep patients and staff members safe and satisfied.

Video Surveillance Systems

Know where every security camera in your video security network is located, what area of coverage it provides, and its current operating status.

Access Control Solutions

Understand how electronic keypads, biometric scanners, and other authentication devices are connected to your doors, alarms, and security services.

Monitor Multiple Floors

Review real-time security information for any floor of your facility from a single location. You can even gather data from multiple buildings and locations.

Information On the Fly

Give physical security teams the information they need to adjust their operations when an alarm system sounds or a critical device fails.

Estimate Costs & Budgets

Design new security layouts and gain a better understanding of the associated costs based on previous work done with past security providers.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Know what needs to be fixed when equipment fails, when your warranties are about to expire, and who to contact when something goes wrong.

Spot Security Needs Early With SiteOwl

Hospitals, long-term care clinics, and other medical facilities use HIPAA-compliant surveillance to lower security risks by preventing vandalism and unauthorized access to sensitive areas.

The systems are often complex, and a malfunction can conflict with both patient care and peace of mind. That’s why it’s so important for healthcare providers to conduct regular check-ins with their security systems to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

SiteOwl helps healthcare organizations streamline this process so that all systems are active and ready in the event of a local crisis or emergency situation.

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