School Security System Management With SiteOwl

Clearly understand every aspect of your K-12 campus security solutions.

Increase Your

Centralize Your Systems

Manage all information for your security cameras, access control systems, active shooter solutions, and more from a single platform for maximum clarity.

Clarify User Roles

From facilities management to IT and maintenance, get clarity on which department is responsible for every aspect of your school security system.

Understand Your Security Technology

Get a bird’s-eye view of the electronic security measures you have in place at a single campus or across an entire school district.

Build Safe Learning Environments

Partner with law enforcement and security professionals to express your needs and save lives through improved security preparedness.

Improve Safety for K-12 Schools

School security systems help educational facilities protect students and educators, reduce vandalism, and gather data quickly in an emergency.

Video Surveillance Systems

Know where every surveillance camera in your network is located, what area of coverage it provides, and its operating status.

Access Control Solutions

Understand how your system maintains containment and what alarm systems are in place in the event of a lockdown, school shooting, or break-in.

Multiple Buildings &
Coverage Areas

Add floor plans for every building on campus (including parking lots) so that you can manage your entire security network from a single location.

Multiple Campus Locations

Operate at scale by adding floor plans and layouts for every building in your school district for easy oversight and review.

Real-Time Data & Access

Give law enforcement, first responders, and physical security teams the information they need to operate efficiently on school grounds.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Know what needs to be fixed when equipment fails, when your warranties are about to expire, and who to contact when something goes wrong.

Improve School Safety With SiteOwl

From daycare to high school, security systems are a must in modern education.

SiteOwl helps every staff member on your team communicate with greater clarity when addressing issues with your school security solution.

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