Bank Security System Management With SiteOwl

Get a single-screen view of all security systems inside every financial institution that you control.

Improve Your

Centralize Your Data

Manage information for critical aspects of your access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection systems from a single location.

Better Planning & Control

Strategically plan your security system roadmap using actionable intelligence and drag-and-drop design tools.

Protect Bank Customers & Assets

Address customer security needs by designing security solutions that are visible, powerful, and easy to maintain.

Manage With Confidence

Equip your team with everything they need to know in order to make security decisions during critical moments when every second matters.

Manage & Maintain Your Security Systems

Whether you’re using biometric scanners, panic buttons, or fire alarm systems, SiteOwl can help you understand every detail of your security solution.

Video Surveillance Systems

Know where every security camera in your video security network is located, what area of coverage it provides, along with its device history and warranty status.

Access Control Systems

Ensure that your access control solutions are reliable and well-maintained so that customers and staff are protected during daily operations.

Maintain Multiple Locations

Have more than one bank or credit union in your network? Add floor plans for multiple locations and monitor the safety system for each building from a single platform.

Quick Ticketing & Service

Be ready when things go wrong. Quickly generate system tickets and notify key personnel. Send automated emails to integrator partners with all the information required for a speedy repair.

Access From Anywhere

Quickly provide critical system details to law enforcement and your monitoring service in the event of a security incident by accessing your system details from anywhere.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Know the full history behind your equipment. Stay on top of your warranty information and review maintenance logs for each device on your system to understand what repairs have been made.

Gain Peace of Mind With SiteOwl

Modern banking security is more complicated than having a collection of CCTV video footage and a physical security guard at the front door. These systems are complex, and it’s easy to lose track of critical assets over time or while providing security information during a major incident.

SiteOwl helps banks and credit unions get real-time, actionable information on their bank security systems so that they can operate knowing that they are prepared for anything.

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