Who Uses SiteOwl?

Security Directors - SiteOwl for System Owners

Security Directors

For executives seeking a high-level system overview, SiteOwl provides immediate and unparalleled visibility into their existing security system.

Using SiteOwl, executives can review their system inventory, maintenance logs, and any active projects across all locations within their organization.

This allows executives to effectively plan and budget for upcoming expansions, retrofits, and overhauls.

Security Managers - SiteOwl for System Owners

Security Managers

SiteOwl helps system managers keep existing systems accurate and updated by tracking installation and warranty status, submitting repair tickets, and coordinating with external integration teams.

When executing urgent repairs or coordinating moves, adds, and changes, managers can use SiteOwl’s suite of tools to assign tasks and keep the system updated.

Security Technicians - SiteOwl for System Owners

Security Technicians

In-house technicians using SiteOwl have a reliable roadmap of all existing security infrastructure under their purview and the tools necessary for constant upkeep.

SiteOwl allows company technicians to report devise issues, carry out repairs and replacements, and communicate effectively across teams.