Make the switch to


physical security management

Go from scattered processes to a single pane of glass for clarity and control (or single window of streamlined efficiency), SiteOwl has everything security teams need, in one place.

Connecting the dots in your physical security lifecycle

SiteOwl brings coherence to your physical security journey by seamlessly linking every stage of the lifecycle, making life easier for security teams.

Take control of your physical security lifecycle, from end-to-end

SiteOwl is your central hub for planning, executing, and delivering top-notch security deliverables, all with clarity, control, and efficiency.



Craft your security roadmap

Tap into a wealth of system insights to make data-driven decisions when creating your security strategy and plan.


Create tailored security designs

Empower your teams, internal and external to collaborate and build security designs that work for you.


Streamline execution and delivery

Efficiently assign, monitor, and track projects, audits, and maintenance tasks.


Aggregate system information changes

Maintain an accurate record by leveraging evolving security system information.


Add More

Make your security dollars work harder

SiteOwl’s unique take on physical security management reduces inefficiencies and streamlines operations, making sure your investment packs more than a powerful punch.

Improve design 
speed by 3X

Accelerate your design and quoting workflows with SiteOwl’s digital-first approach.

Stay on or under budget 90% of the time

With real-time reporting, gain better control of your project costs.

Improve technician productivity by 25%

Ditch paper-based reporting and get real-time updates from the field. Identify and resolve issues quickly and boost productivity.

Improve technician productivity by 25%

Ditch paper-based reporting and get real-time updates from the field. Identify and resolve issues quickly and boost productivity.

Increase productivity 
by up to 50%

Supercharge your security team’s efficiency with SiteOwl’s seamless collaboration.

Reduce travel costs 
by up to 50%

Save on costly site walk-throughs and in-person meetings with real-time progress tracking.

Trim labor costs 
by up to 10%

Hold vendors accountable for their work output and eliminate costly surprises and rework.

Cut equipment costs 
by up to 15%

Make smarter decisions on upgrades, retrofits, end-of-life equipment and service 
issues with SiteOwl’s rich device-level information.

Frequently asked questions

SiteOwl is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes physical security management. It serves as a unified hub, connecting security teams, plans, projects, and devices within a single, user-friendly interface. SiteOwl’s primary goal is to empower security professionals, offering them unparalleled visibility and control over their physical security infrastructure.

Unlike other generic solutions, SiteOwl is tailored specifically for the security industry, making it a game-changer. It simplifies complex processes, eliminates inefficiencies, and streamlines operations, helping security teams create safer environments with confidence. SiteOwl is a role-based suite of one web application, one iPad application and two mobile applications that are compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.

SiteOwl is designed for both enterprise security teams and their security vendors. It’s all about creating a space where these two worlds can come together, collaborate seamlessly, and effectively manage physical security systems, no matter where they’re located.
Absolutely. SiteOwl handles projects of all sizes, from small 5 camera upgrades, to complex security deployments across multiple locations and teams. Our unique suite of web and mobile applications make it easy for project managers and technicians to effectively manage tasks and report on progress.

SiteOwl’s data collection and centralization processes are thorough. When a user drops a device on a digital floorplan, we automatically record every “device attribute”, from device location and system type to manufacturer specifics, part numbers, service ticket histories, installation particulars, and even warranty information, including device and labor warranties.

Our ability to capture these device attributes extends across the entire journey, from initial design stages to the device’s eventual end-of-life. This rich, comprehensive dataset forms the bedrock of SiteOwl’s capability to offer actionable insights in the form of downloadable reports.

This gives our customers a holistic understanding of their security infrastructure, so they can make important decisions such as planning for upgrades, expansions and replacements – all with the confidence that comes from having a complete picture at their fingertips.

We understand that every security team is unique, and that’s why we offer flexible pricing options designed to fit your specific needs. Our pricing structure takes various factors into consideration, including the size of your security infrastructure and any specific requirements you may have. We believe in transparent pricing, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team here (send them to a contact sales form). We’ll provide you with a personalized quote that aligns perfectly with your organization’s goals and budget.

SiteOwl is a versatile solution designed to benefit security teams of all sizes. However, it’s particularly valuable for security teams facing one or more of the following challenges:

  • Managing Multiple Locations: If your security infrastructure spans across multiple locations, SiteOwl provides the centralized platform you need.
  • Handling a Significant Number of Devices: Whether you’re overseeing a thousand security devices or more, SiteOwl’s robust capabilities scale to meet your needs.
  • Collaborating with Integrators: If you work closely with security integrators to manage your systems, SiteOwl facilitates seamless collaboration.
  • Transitioning from Disconnected Tools: If you’re looking to leave behind disjointed tools like spreadsheets, CAD drawings, or paper-based plans in favor of a smarter, digital solution, SiteOwl is your answer.
  • Managing Ongoing Security Projects: SiteOwl excels in scenarios where you have multiple security deployments, including projects, expansions, and replacements happening simultaneously.
Not at all. While SiteOwl stores critical device information for your convenience, it does not access or interfere with your security network in any way. Your network’s security and integrity remain completely intact when using SiteOwl.
At SiteOwl, we are dedicated to providing a secure SaaS platform for physical security lifecycle management. We’ve partnered with AWS to leverage their top-tier cloud infrastructure, which adheres to stringent security standards and maintains state-of-the-art data centers. Our own security practices include achieving SOC 2 Type 1 certification, conducting regular risk assessments, and integrating security best practices into our development process. We employ data encryption throughout our platform and frequently assess vulnerabilities through vulnerability scanning, intrusion detection, and penetration testing. Our employees undergo thorough security training, and we diligently manage 3rd party vendor security. Overall, we’re committed to safeguarding our platform and your data.

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